Xavier Xonora, nicknamed the Black Prince, is a skilled hover car driver, Jason's primary rival and the driver of the Speed Razor.


Early HistoryEdit


Hover Car RacerEdit



On top of the Prince of the Principality of Monsei's good looks and royal status, is one of the best racers to ever enter the International Racing School, or even the Masters league. Possessing the same narcissistic confidence as most other talented drivers, Xavier is usually an image of being cool and calm.

Skills Edit

  • Master Driver / Pilot: As seems to be standard practice for anyone wishing to learn how to drive a hover car, Xavier is capable of piloting the aviation-type hover car. Xavier is an extremely talented driver, easily able to perform aerial feats and maneuvers that in the present day are only known to pilots of fighter jets. His talents as a racer won him the Race School championship with minimal effort and training.

Equipment Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • Speed Razor: Xavier's personal hover car, a highly expensive and efficient black-painted Lockheed-Martin ProRacer-5.

Other Equipment Edit

  • Team Xonora Racing Uniform: To Be Added.
  • Pit Tarantula: To Be Added.



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