Vasily Ivanov is a Russian scientist.


Early HistoryEdit


Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Dr. Ivanov piloted his plane-load of scientists to Ostrov Zmey for a routine re-staffing and began unloading some equipment when some of the men outside the plane were fired upon. Ivanov managed to take off and sent out a distress call to his superiors, warning them about enemy forces before his plane was shot down.

Shane Schofield and his research team were in the Arctic near the island when they learned of the situation, and went to the plane's crash site to see if there were any survivors. Schofield retrieved Ivanov and they began escaping the enemy forces. Ivanov told Schofield to lead his men into a submerged dock on on of the islets, and once they established themselves, Ivanov explained about the faciltiy and the tesla weapon that the enemy, the Army of Thieves, were about to launch. When they came under attack again, Ivanov began leading Schofield's team across the island to where the red uranium spheres were stored.

While Schofield retrieved the spheres, Ivanov prepared another plane so that the team could make their escape with the spheres, however the plane was hit and ended up in the river. As several beserkers began coming aboard, Ivanov was too slow to get out of the way, and was shot to pieces.



Skills Edit

  • Expert Scientist: To Be Added.
  • Expert Pilot: Ivanov has been officially trained to can pilot a variety of aircraft, most notably small turboprop aircraft and larger transport planes.



Other EquipmentEdit

To Be Added.



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