The USS Nimitz is a United States Navy aircraft supercarrier, and is one of the largest warships in the world.


Early HistoryEdit

In 2005, the Nimitz was transporting over 600 U.S. Marines back to the United States when it was ordered to dock at the Hell Island naval base. While officially it was said that the Nimitz had been forced to dock there because of a tsunami, in fact the Nimitz was to be used as a stage in a exercise developed by a DARPA research team to test their gorilla supersoldiers in combat.

The internal hanger of the Nimitz was converted into a crude battlefield, and soon the exercise was underway. However, the gorillas were out to kill the Marine soldiers for real, and they were soon annihilated and desecrated by the gorillas. The fate of the Nimitz's crew is presumed to be the same as those 600 Marines.

Hell IslandEdit

To further DARPA's testing of their gorillas, the higher-ups in the U.S. military needed to see them succeed against elite units, and so a sham mission was devised for a squad of Navy SEALs, a force from the 82nd Airborne Division and Reconnaisance Marines to HALO jump onto the Nimitz. These units were told the false story about the Nimitz being forced to Hell Island by a tsunami, and that contact had been lost with the carrier and the naval base.



Flight DeckEdit

The flight deck on board the Nimitz is capable of storing multiple military jet fighters, as well as launching them.

Internal HangerEdit

The Nimitz possesses a hanger beneath the flight deck which stores military jet fighters (in addition to the ones kept on the flight deck) while also being able to shelter said aircraft during stormy weather. For the DARPA "exercise", the hanger was converted into a makeshift battleground.


  • The real-life USS Nimitz is now the oldest U.S. aircraft carrier in active service following the decommissioning of the USS Enterprise in 2012.
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