Thomas Clayton is a U.S. Navy Admiral and one of the leaders of the Intelligence Convergence Group.

History Edit

Before Ice StationEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Thomas Clayton joined the United States Navy, eventually reaching the rank of Admiral and becoming the Navy's representative to the Joint Chief's of Staff.

At some stage, he was recruited into the Intelligence Convergence Group, a secretive intelligence-hoarding branch of the government. From his position in the Joint Chief's, Clayton became one of the ICG's leader, and was able to arrange naval support to undercover ICG units in the field.

Ice StationEdit

When a crisis at Wilkes Ice Station brought in the involvement of the ICG, Clayton took command of the USS Wasp from Jack Walsh, which Walsh didn't appreciate.

When Shane Schofield escaped the doomed Wilkes and arrived on the Wasp in the B-7A Silhouette, Clayton coldly welcolmed the survivors. He then ordered his own men to examine the Silhouette, who discovered a Tritonal 80/20 charge, and realised Schofield had tried to destroy it. After taunting Schofield about his failed attempt, he disarmed the charge, just as a missile Schofield had launched earlier slamed into the Silhouette, the fireball killing Clayton.