The Two Lost Mountains is Matthew Reilly's sixteenth novel, and the sixth installment in the Huntsman Series which features Jack West Jr as the main protagonist. It serves as the sequel to The Three Secret Cities.




Against all the odds, Jack West Jr found the Three Secret Cities but at a heartbreaking cost.

His beloved daughter Lily, it appeared, was slaughtered by Sphinx in a cruel ancient ritual.


With his rivals far ahead of him, Jack must now get to one of the five iron mountains - two of which have never been found-and perform a mysterious feat known only as 'The Fall'.

Although what is this object on the moon that is connected to it?


Amid all this, Jack will discover that a new player has entered the race, a general so feared by the Four Legendary Kingdoms they had him locked away in their deepest dungeon.

Only now this general has escaped and he has a horrifying plan of his own...




Note: As at this time, these characters are confirmed to be appearing.

Note: As at this time, these characters are not yet confirmed, but most are likely to appear in some capacity.

Confirmed Plot PointsEdit

Following the events of The Three Secret Cities, one more trial, the Trial of the Mountains, remains before the Omega Event, which will likely be the primary focus of The Two Lost Mountains, while the final novel will likely involve the Omega Event.

Some elements of the Trial of the Mountains are revealed during The Three Secret Cities from both the Zeus papyrus and other suggested references throughout the novel. The trial is noted to involve "five iron mountains" with shafts leading from them down into the Earth, and "five bladed keys" must be used to open the doors to a "supreme labyrinth".

The short story, Jack West Jr and the Hero's Helmet, also contains unanswered elements that may contribute to the future of the Huntsman series; the Knife of Osiris, which was referred to as a keyblade by an assassin working for an unknown master.

The identity of some of these iron mountains may have been included in Iolanthe's suggestions for what she believed to be the Altar of the Cosmos, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Olympus and Mount Blanc. The bladed keys may include the Knife of Osiris. Additionally, the title of the novel suggests (which the synopsis later confirmed) that two of the Iron Mountains are unknown to even the Four Legendary Kingdoms.

Returning antagonists as rivals to Jack's team will almost certainly include Sphinx and his entourage (Dion, Mendoza, Chloe and the Knights of the Golden Eight), and, based on Alby's suspicions at the end of The Three Secret Cities, the Order of the Omega.

A new antagonist is mentioned in the novel's synopsis, an as-yet-unnamed general who is feared even by the Four Kingdoms. Also in the officially revealed synopsis, Lily is mentioned to have "appeared" to have been slaughtered by Sphinx, possibly hinting that was not what happened to her at the end of The Three Secret Cities.

The cover for The Two Lost Mountains features an image of what appears to be the Earth and its moon, connected by a beam of light from what may be the Great Pyramid. The image resembles one which appeared in The Three Secret Cities in Sphinx's mansion, which he called the full image of [Isaac] Newton's thought experiment about gravity known as Newton's cannonball or Newton's Mountain.

Potential focus points of the future of the series include a note regarding "unusual trees", while another element briefly mentioned by Mendoza during The Four Legendary Kingdoms but not expanded upon is something referred to as a Life Stone.

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