Team Argonaut is a hover car racing team.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

When Jason Chaser was 10, he found the remains of an old Ferrari Pro F1 hover car in a local junkyard, and over four years repaired it with old and low-quality parts, enough for it to be capable of racing.

Christening it the Argonaut, Jason and his brother the Bug, who became his navigator, proceeded to participate in local races. Because they did not have a mech chief, they had to do all the repairs and maintanence themselves, and being poor, were resigned to cheap parts and equipment, and wearing denim farming overalls.

At age 14, Jason managed to come in the top three of his local division, allowing him to enter the Indo-Pacific Reigional Championships.

Hover Car RacerEdit


Once Jason won the New York Masters, Lombardi offered Jason a full time contract working with his racing team, effectively making Team Argonaut a sub-team of the Lombardi Racing Team.

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