Sally McDuff is the mech chief for Team Argonaut.


Early HistoryEdit

When she was growing up, Sally would watch all of her eight older brothers as they tinkered with their cars and engines. When she was 14, Sally received her first car, and created a hover rocket, no easy feat, to the delight of her family.

By age 16, Sally desired to become a mech chief for a pro hover car racing team. Through unknown qualifying methods, Sally was accepted into the International Race School because of her skills, where she would be partnered with a team without a mech chief.

Hover Car RacerEdit

During the opening ceremony, Sally noticed Jason Chaser staring at Ariel Piper and teased him briefly before they and the Bug introduced themselves.


Possessing a quick-wit and cheeky demeanor, Sally is your classic Scottish lass. She has grown up in a large family, the youngest of her siblings, all brother, and shares her family's enthusiasm for hover car racing and engineering. Her knowledge of engines was the result of primarily self-teaching from an early age, a fact which has made the McDuff family all the more proud of her. 

Skills Edit

  • Expert Mechanic: As the mech chief for Team Argonaut, Sally is an extremely competent mechanic. Within minutes of first examining the Argonaut, she was able to identify several issues with the hover car, and soon after managed to improve the Argonaut's basic maintenance and performance.

Equipment Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • Argonaut: Jason's personal hover car, which he built from scratch. After joining Team Argonaut, Sally was able to improve the Argonaut's basic maintenance and performance with her mechanical skills.
  • Argonaut II: A Ferrari F-3000 belonging to the Lombardi Racing Team which Lombardi loaned to Team Argonaut in order to race in the Italian Run. Sally oversaw its maintenance before and during the race.

Other Equipment Edit

  • Team Argonaut Racing Uniform: Presumably like Jason and the Bug, Sally wore mismatching overalls to protect herself from grime and spills during races. However, when Martha made a custom-design uniform for both of her sons, she gave Sally her own similar uniform in the team's white, blue and silver colours, as well as a baseball cap with the Argonaut's number 55 embroidered on it.
  • Pit Tarantula: As the mech chief for Team Argonaut, Sally oversees the machine that provides the Argonaut with fresh coolant and Magneto drives.



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