The Richelieu is an aircraft carrier that operates for the French Navy.


Early HistoryEdit

In October of 2003, the Richelieu and its carrier group were ordered by Jonathon Killian's allies in the French government to station themselves off the French coast near the Forteresse de Valois. While there, the DGSE agent Pierre Lefevre brought the captured MI6 agent Alec Christie onboard to be interrogated about what he knew regarding Killian and Majestic-12.


As Shane Schofield and Elizabeth Gant fled from the Forteresse de Valois, pursued by men from Executive Solutions and the Skorpions, Killian contacted his allies on the Richelieu, which dispatched two Mirage 2000N-II's to assist. Ultimately, Schofield ended up ditching into the ocean, and one of the Richelieu's companion destroyers picked up the Marine and transferred him to the Richelieu.


After ScarecrowEdit

The French government would later place a floating bounty on Schofield for his role in the destruction of the Richelieu. While the American President asked his French counterpart to drop it, the French President claimed that Schofield would pay for his actions. (Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves)


Flight DeckEdit

The flight deck on board the Richelieu is capable of storing multiple military jet fighters, as well as launching them.

Internal HangerEdit

The Richelieu possesses a hanger beneath the flight deck which stores military jet fighters (in addition to the ones kept on the flight deck) while also being able to shelter said aircraft during stormy weather.


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