Project Stormtrooper was a DARPA project intended to create super soldiers for the United States armed forces.


Early HistoryEdit

Led by DARPA's Malcolm Knox, a team of scientists were tasked with creating super-soldiers for the U.S. military. They were provided with the naval refueling base Hell Island in the Pacific Ocean for their laboratory.

Though they also attempting to generate super-soldiers out of humans, the tests they did had no positive results. However, they had more success with their cloned gorilla subjects.

Once they were old enough, the gorillas, cloned from the DNA of African mountain gorillas so that they would not affect the natural populations, had chips grafted onto their brains, to make them more intelligent and make them able to obey commands, as well as to help them locate their enemies by tracking radio signals. In order to keep them from attacking their own masters, the DARPA team created silver disks which created an signal that told the gorillas not to attack anyone wearing them.

Needing a professional tactician in order to command the apes properly in combat, William "Buck" Broyles was brought in on the project. Once certain that they were ready for combat trials, Knox pitted the gorillas against three companies of Marine grunts. Though the gorillas succeeded with ease, the scientists were then asked to test them on groups of high-level special forces units, including a SEAL team, Airborne team, and a Marine unit.

Hell IslandEdit

The gorillas managed to kill the SEAL and Airborne units, but Shane Schofield and the four remaining members of his team of Marines cornered the gorillas in an armament's chamber and were about to kill them all when Knox stopped them. Wanting the project to be successful, Knox said ordered the Buck and his unit to kill them, however one of the Marines jammed the signal their disks created, causing the gorillas to attack the scientists. Subsequently, Schofield and his unit managed to flood the underwater tunnel system they were in and drown the gorillas.

People InvolvedEdit

Other unnamed DARPA scientists and members of Gordon's unit.


The goal of Project Stormtrooper was to create super soldiers for the United States Armed Forces, to avoid having American men and women having to put their own lives on the line for their country. The DARPA scientists intended to use gorillas as the super soldiers, due to their natural brute strength and ferocity.


  • The title Stormtrooper is from Star Wars, where the villains have cloned a bounty hunter for their shock troops.
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