Paul Hawkins is a New York City police officer.


Early HistoryEdit

Hawkins has worked on supervision duty, mainly for protecting people who suffered from abuse.


Hawkins is left alone with Christine Parker to guard the New York State Library overnight when it becomes a crime scene. When he notices a strange light, he goes to investigate, while a disbelieving Parker chooses to remain in the lobby. However he encounters Reese, and is saved by Stephen Swain, whom he joins him in trying to find a way out.

As the Presidian goes on, Hawkins is separated from the rest of the group, along with Balthazar. However after being confronted by the Codex, Balthazar sacrifices himself to save Hawkins, whose plan to guard themselves with fire backfires and sets the library on fire. Hawkins is later killed by Bellos, and bravely and vainly tried to hurt his attacker with pepper spray in his final moments.



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