Nero is a member of Her Majesty's SAS and Trevor Barnaby's second-in-command.

History Edit

Ice Station Edit

Nero was a part of Trevor Barnaby's SAS squad when he was ordered to respond to a distress call coming from Wilkes Ice Station about an apparent alien spacecraft and secure it for the British.

Shortly after they arrived, they found Snake handcuffed to a pole, as well as two French scientists. When Luc Champion demanded to be released, Barnaby ordered Nero to kill him, which he coldly carried out, and moments later he shot Henri Rae as well.

When the Marine prisoner Book arrived, Nero assisted in the interogation, punching Book repeatedly in an attempt to get him to talk. When Snake ultimately sold out a group of Marines in the underwater cavern with the spaceship, Nero was ordered to string up Book with his own Maghook and hang him over the diving pool. Along with the rest of the SAS men, Nero watched with amusement as the Marine was lowered into the pool, where a pod of killer whales surrounded him and ate him.

When the Marine leader Shane Schofield arrived, Nero and the rest of Barnaby's men caught him. Nero helped bring both Snake and Schofield to the drilling room to fight to the death. Once Schofield emerged victorious, Barnaby had Nero string up Schofield in the same manner as Book. When Barnaby gave Schofield a last request, Nero provided the requested cigarette. However, after Nero lowered him into the pool, Schofield managed to use a stun grenade to blind Nero and the others while he escaped and fled further into the station.

Nero joined the search for Schofield, who managed to retrieve the girl that had been captured with Book before sabotaging the lights which made it harder for the SAS troops to locate him. Nero, after being ordered to find the fuse box to resolve the issue with the lights, reset them, and soon Schofield was found on the C-deck bridge. As Schofield attempted to negotiate with Barnaby, Nero noticed that the Marine kept looking nervously toward the bridge controls. In response, Barnaby told Nero to retract the bridge. But once Nero retracted the bridge, Schofield's true plan occured; a pair of nitrogen charges detonated, splashing Nero and all the rest of Barnaby's men with liquid nitrogen, killing them all slowly and painfully.


  • Barnaby sometimes refers to him as 'Mr. Nero'.