Michael Schofield is the grandfather of Shane Schofield, and a former U.S. Marine.


Early HistoryEdit

Michael Schofield, under the call-sign Mustang, was one of the most decorated Marines in the United States Marine Corps and during World War II he participated in an attack on a Japanese naval base, known in English as Hell Island.

After the War, Michael and an unnamed wife had a son, John. However his son resented him because of his heroism, and would feel that he would never be free of his father's legacy, even after becoming a successful businessman.

In spite of the bad relationship he had had with his son, Michael got on very well with his grandson, Shane, who had followed in his footsteps and become a Marine. They would have regular dinners together every few months whenever Shane was not off on active duty. Shane would use his grandfather's experience on Hell Island to survive a rogue research project.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

After a bounty was placed on Shane's head by the French, two bounty hunters attempted to take out their target following one of Michael and Shane's dinners.



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