Lauren O'Connor is a physicist in the U.S. Army's Special Projects Division, and the ex-girlfriend of William Race.


Early HistoryEdit

Lauren O'Connor was born into a wealthy family, and after completing high school she went to attend the University of Southern California. During this time, she met William Race, and began dating him he, eventually falling in love.

However, after her first year, she was offered a scholarship to MIT, and while she kept close contact with Will while she was away, she eventually met and married someone else. Lauren neglected to tell Will this in any of their weekly phone calls, only telling him after returning to meet him much later on, unknowingly stumping his own marriage proposal and deeply hurting him. Her marriage, however, would soon end in divorce.

Some time after graduating from MIT, she went on to join the U.S. Army's Special Projects Division. Because the Army would be the most likely armed force to be shut down in 2010, Colonel Frank Nash recruited Lauren into the Army's illicit Supernova project, which the Navy had been authorised to construct with DARPA. They soon began collaborating with Will's older brother Marty who was working on the project, and whom already knew Lauren. She married Marty in order to ensure his cooperation with the Army's Supernova construction, though she had a long-standing affair with Troy Copeland, who was also on Nash's team.

Eventually they had a workable Supernova shell, and Nash's team then set to work locating a source of Thyrium-261, which was a necessary component in the superbomb. Eventually rumours of of an Incan idol supposedly carved from Thyrium came to their knowledge, and they quickly arranged a mission and a team to locate it in Peru before the Navy's project leader, Julius Romano, could.

Because they required someone to translate the manuscript into English, Marty and Lauren recommended Will, and to further entice him, Lauren decided to make sure Nash mentioned her name when he went to recruit him.


Lauren was waiting with the rest of the team onboard the plane that would take them to Peru when Nash arrived with Will.




  • Expert Theoretical Physicist: To Be Added.
  • Trained Marksman: Presumably during her time working in the U.S. Army's Special Project Division, Lauren trained in the use of firearms, due to her ability to handle a pistol during the final standoff in Vilcafor.



  • Sig-Sauer: To Be Added.


Other EquipmentEdit

To Be Added.



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