Kirk Syme is the United State's Ambassador to China.


Early HistoryEdit

Kirk Syme was (presumably) born in Texas.

During the Vietnam war, Syme was a naval aviator, and became friends with a man who would be the father of a United States President. When the war concluded, Syme remained in Asia and took up Mandarin while starting up his own business, which he later sold for a lot of money.

When his friend's son became President, and it came time to appoint a new ambassador to China, Syme was remembered because of his father's friendship with him, his ability to speak Mandarin, and the fact that he knew Syme to be honest and wouldn't attempt to suck up like any other candidates would.

When Syme was invited to see China's new zoo, which would apparently help define the country's rising significance to the rest of the world, Syme agreed. Shortly before departing, he was asked by the CIA to allow one of their operatives, Greg Johnson, to pose as his chief aide so that he could search for thermobaric weapons that the Chinese apparently had at the zoo, which Syme agreed to.

The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit


After returning to the U.S., Syme gave a private verbal report to the President on the events in China, who agreed that CJ should be rewarded for her role in preventing a worldwide plague of dragons. He then personally flew Hamish and Johnson to the former naval station Magellan where CJ had the five remaining Yellowjackets. He told CJ about the Chinese's attempts at cover up, and offered his assistance and money whenever she needed it to help keep the dragons safe.





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