The Jack West Jr Series is a group of novels following the adventures of former Australian SAS specialist Jack West Jr, aka, the Huntsman.

Stories[edit | edit source]

Novels[edit | edit source]

  1. Seven Ancient Wonders (October, 2005) - 7 Deadly Wonders in the United States.
  2. The Six Sacred Stones (October, 2007)
  3. The Five Greatest Warriors (October, 2009)
  4. The Four Legendary Kingdoms (October 2016)
  5. The Three Secret Cities (October 2018)
  6. The Two Lost Mountains - (October 2020)
  7. The One ? ? - (2021)

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Main Characters[edit | edit source]

The leading characters appearing throughout the series are:

Jack "Huntsman" West Jr: The main protagonist of the series, a former Australian SAS soldier ranked among the best in the world, but who preferred to study ancient history. His skills at decoding ancient mysteries and ability to handle himself in a variety of combative situations make him a dangerous individual to his enemies, one who will always work hard to catch up and save the world for no reason other than because it's the right thing to do.

Lily West: Jack's adopted daughter, and one of the twin Oracles of Siwa, whom the team raises from infancy. Her ability to understand the mysterious Word of Thoth make her tremendously important to the team's missions. It is through her adventures with the team that she learns how to be a good person, particularly from her interactions with and lessons from Jack.

Zoe "Princess" Kissane: A member of Jack's team and one of two representatives of Ireland along with her brother. She begins as Jack's love interest and later becomes his wife and Lily's adopted mother.

Max "Wizard" Epper: A genius-level scholar of many fields who serves as Jack's longtime friend and mentor, and as the team's representative for Canada. His studies into ancient history and mysteries led him to help found the team as they set out to defend the world from disaster, and became a grandfather-figure to Lily.

Zahir "Pooh Bear" al Abbas: A member of Jack's team and representative of the UAE.

Benjamin "Stretch" Cohen: A member of Jack's team and a former member of the Israeli Mossad. While he started out as an outsider due to Israel's forced demand to join their coalition, he eventually became one of their most-trusted allies, one who chose his new friends over his own nation's interests.

Ernest "Sky Monster" Sheperd: The pilot for Jack's team and representative of New Zealand. A running joke in the first several novels of the series was that no one other than his parents seemed to know what his real name is. Despite his discomfort in combat outside of an aircraft, he is a loyal friend to Jack and the rest of the team.

Alby Calvin: Lily's best friend, confidant, and later love-interest, who is a mathematical and astrological genius. Despite starting out as a somewhat meek child when first drawn into Jack and Lily's adventures, he grows into a far more confident and capable individual later on. 

Iolanthe Compton-Jones: A member of the British Royal family, and the sister to the King of Land, who initially works both with and against Jack's team in their first encounters. However, she later becomes less morally ambiguous and joins the team in their efforts, becoming one of their most knowledgable allies.

Mae Merriweather: Jack's mother who is an expert historian. Once forced into hiding after splitting from Jack's father, she later emerges as an important ally to the team when they discovered the existence of the Four Kingdoms.

Future Stories[edit | edit source]

Reilly has confirmed that he will write further stories involving Jack West Jr down to "The One Something Something"; this is confirmed to be the last novel in the series.

Following the events of The Two Lost Mountains, one more trial, the Trial of the Mountains, remains half-completed, with it and the averting of the Omega Event intended to be the primary focus of the final novel. Unfinished tasks for the team to complete is locating the Orphean bell to undo Sphinx's actions, and discovering what the Four Legendary Kingdoms' plans are once the Omega Event is averted. Returning antagonists for the final novel will include Sphinx and his entourage (Dion, Mendoza, Chloe and the Knights of the Golden Eight), the Order of the Omega, and General Rastor.

Potential focus points of the final in the Jack West Jr series include a note regarding "unusual trees", which may have something to do with two slabs mentioned in The Two Lost Mountains; carved images of Yggdrasil from Norse mythology and Sephirot from Kabbalah mystism. Another element briefly mentioned by Mendoza during The Four Legendary Kingdoms but not expanded upon is something referred to as a Life Stone.

The short story, Jack West Jr and the Hero's Helmet, also contains unanswered elements that may contribute to the finale of the Jack West Jr series; the Knife of Osiris, which was referred to as a keyblade by an assassin working for an unknown master.

Within a Facebook post regarding the film rights to The Great Zoo of China, Reilly commented that he doesn't feel that Temple allows for the opportunity to have a sequel, but suggested that William Race could one day appear in a Jack West story. 

On Christmas 2020, Reilly confirmed that the final novel of the Jack West Jr series will be released in 2021.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the second series Matthew Reilly created.
  • With the release of The Four Legendary Kingdoms, the appearance of Shane Schofield and Mother from the Scarecrow Series (with some other details from that series being mentioned) confirms that both series are set in the same fictional universe.
    • A connection to the Scarecrow series had already been implied; Sean "Astro" Miller first appeared in the novella Hell Island  as a supporting character, and would later appear in a supporting role in both The Six Sacred Stones and The Five Greatest Warriors.
  • Matthew Reilly has mentioned that William Race from Temple could one day appear in the Jack West Jr series, suggesting that the events of the stand-alone novel are also set within the fictional universe.
    • If this becomes reality, this will also create another connection to the Scarecrow series, where Temple's Supernova has been mentioned.
  • During The Three Secret Cities, Iolanthe notes Elizabeth I had a diary recounting that she and Roger Ascham went to a chess tournament in Constantinople, though the events there were unrecorded. This fits with Reilly's novel The Tournament, revealing it is set in the same fictional universe as the Jack West Jr and Scarecrow series.

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