The Bagarius yarrelli, also known as the Giant Devil Catfish, is a large species of catfish found in southeast Asia.

Fictional HistoryEdit

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

A number of Giant Devil Catfish made their home within the Underworld on the coast of India's Gujarat Province. As the time for the fourth Great Games of the Hydra approached, the Kingdom of the Underworld decided to utilise the large fish for use as obstacles to the Champions in the Second Challenge.

As the Water Pit was filled during the Challenge, several Giant Devil Catfish swam through the pipes into the Pit. As Jack West Jr was making his way through the filling-pit, he spotted dark shapes swimming in the water. As Jack was attacked by a Minotaur, one of the giant catfish charged and attacked the Neanderthal, only to be hacked to pieces in response. Upon seeing and recognising the Bagarius yarrelli, Jack realised that he was somewhere in Southeast Asia. Another of the Giant Devil Catfish managed to snap its jaw onto Jack's foot, only to be stabbed in the eye with a broken crossbow bolt lodged in his boot, causing it to release him.


The Bagarius yarrelli reaches up to 2 m (6.6 ft) in length and weighs over 200 pounds. It may be largest species in its genus. Living in South Asia, this fish is found in large rivers, including rivers with fast current, but never in small streams.


  • Though the typical length of the Bagarius yarrelli is up to 6.6 feet, the one Jack first saw in the Water Pit was noted to be around 8 feet in length.
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