The F-22 Raptor is a fifth generation stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air Force.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Ice StationEdit

During an incident in which multiple forces clashed at Wilkes Ice Station for possession of an apparent alien spacecraft, the Intelligence Convergence Group dispatched a squadron of six F-22s under the command of Captain John Yates to provide aerial support to the other units they had in the area.

Yates and his squadron in their F-22s patrolled the air space around Wilkes until they spotted a rogue British fighter, which they quickly took down, but not before it fired a nuclear missile at Wilkes.

Shortly after Wilkes was destroyed, Yates intercepted Shane Schofield's attempt to contact the USS Wasp to request a landing for the experimental plane he was piloting. Despite Yates' relaying his orders to have Schofield escorted to a Navy aircraft carrier instead, Schofield realised that he was ICG and refused, forcing Yates to resort to plan b - have the F-22s open fire and destroy him.

Luckily for Schofield, his aircraft had an experimental cloaking technology that hid him from view, both visually and on radar, to the F-22 pilots' collective surprise. As Schofield had the Silhouette engage the F-22s, the high-tech American fighters were outmatched by the invisible plane since they could not lock onto it with missiles, and all were quickly destroyed.





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