Princess Elizabeth I is the real-life Queen who ruled from 1558 to 1603.

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Early HistoryEdit


Roger Ascham and the King's Lost GirlEdit


The TournamentEdit


Between The Tournament and Roger Ascham and the Dead Queen's CommandEdit

At some point after returning to England, Elizabeth wrote in a diary to note her visit to Constantinople with Ascham, but didn't make note of the exact details.


Roger Ascham and the Dead Queen's CommandEdit


Later Life and After DeathEdit

During her reign as Queen, Elizabeth heeded Suleiman's suggestion to build a vast spy network since she had come to realise he was correct about information being power.

Elizabeth later tasked Sir Francis Drake with identifying the exact coordinates of each of the Three Secret Cities.

In 1603, Elizabeth was bedridden as she approached death. During her final weeks, she shared with Gwinny the truth of what happened in Constantinople and the Chess tournament.

Elizabeth's diary was later left at the Hall of Royal Records, among other important documents related to the royals. Iolanthe Compton-Jones would later find and read it, and was surprised to learn of the visit to Constantinople and that Elizabeth had made no account of the events there.




  • Elizabeth is the youngest main protagonist of any of Reilly's novels.


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