Chad is the junior assistant of Jeff Hartigan.


Early HistoryEdit

Chad worked for ArmaCorp Systems as Jeff Hartigan's assistant, and when the U.S. Marines insisted on cold-weather tests before agreeing to purchase their latest weapons, Chad accompanied his boss and a research team into the Arctic to perform the tests.

Whenever they weren't conducting tests, Hartigan spent most of the time in his own tent, sending Chad to get most of his meals, leading the rest of the team to believe Chad was as aloof as his boss.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

When the orders came from the President for Schofield and his team to infiltrate the former Soviet base Dragon Island to prevent a terrorist group from setting off an atmospheric weapon, Schofield asked the civilians for their help. While Zack and Emma volunteered to help, Hartigan stated that he and Chad would stay at the base as it was safer. However Chad surprised everyone by agreeing to help Schofield, standing up to his boss for the first time because he believed they had to do something.

During the mission, Chad was clearly fearful of what the Army of Thieves could do. While attempting to cross from one islet adjacent to Dragon Island to the next, the team lost Chad when he was hit by a barrage of bullets, his body falling in the water. While Zack and Emma were distraught at Chad's death, Schofield made them keep moving, stating that his fight was over and he was in a better place.



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