Bug Chaser, commonly referred to as the Bug, is Jason's younger brother and navigator.


Early HistoryEdit

When he was two-years old, the Bug was in an orphanage in Halls Creek along with Jason, who was the only person he could stand to be around, throwing tantrums whenever the two were separated.

When Henry and Martha Chaser decided to adopt Jason, the orphanage dean asked them to adopt the Bug as well, since his tantrums would never cease if the two were separated, to which the two adults agreed. However, the Bug only grew close to Martha, allowing her to be able to touch him, and he did not extend this to Henry for unknown reasons. 

When he was three years old, the Bug and Jason were taught by Henry how to drive hover carts.

After Jason found and repaired the remains of an old Ferrari Pro F1 hover car, the Bug became the Argonaut's navigator, in which his extreme skills at calculation and course plotting became apparent, making him an expert at Gate Races. At age 12, the Bug and Jason entered the Indo-Pacific Reigional Championships...

Hover Car RacerEdit

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The Bug, believed to be autistic, is a very shy and quiet young man, who chooses to never speak to anyone aside from his brother and mother. He is a mathematical genius, which makes him the best kind of navigator, especially for gate races; one who can determine the best routes as soon as the layout becomes available. The Bug's short stature is more than made up for by his loyalty to his brother and team.


  • One of his preferred forms of relaxation is headset racing games.
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