Brooke Ulacco is a psychological therapist who treated Shane Schofield.


Early HistoryEdit

When Shane Schofield was struggling to cope with Elizabeth Gant's death, the United States Marine Corps send him to a series of psychiatrists, however this did not help. Eventually he located Dr Ulacco on his own, whom he decided he wanted to treat him, and she agreed, which involved several security checks from the USMC.

When Ulacco began treating Schofield, she taught him how to compartmentalise his memories of Gant using a technique called the method of locci, in which he kept his memories of her inside the idea of a submarine. Ulacco also told him that he could use this to also 'eject' his memories completely if he wanted, however Schofield decided against it, believing that his memories of Gant were a part of who he was.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

After Schofield was involved in another major incident where he was tortured by a rogue CIA psychological expert, he returned to be treated by Ulacco. She was amazed that he had endured Calderon's mental torture and taunting of Gant's death, and was more surprised to learn that it was because of her teaching Schofield the Iocci method. Ulacco asked if Schofield had 'ejected' his memories of Gant to do so, but Schofield said that he could never do that, and Ulacco joked that by treating Schofield, she had helped save the world.

Schofield then invited her to witness his medal ceremony at the White House, where afterwards the President asked if she would consider becoming his therapist. She also approved of the idea of Schofield asking out Veronique Champion.

Personality Edit

Ulacco is a psychologist who works out of her basement, and is a mother of two who struggles to keep her boys in line when she's with a client, a quality that some believe make her a far more approachable person when it comes to their therapy.


  • Expert Psychologist: To Be Added.



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