The Beriev Be-12 is a a Soviet turboprop-powered amphibious aircraft designed for anti-submarine and maritime patrol duties.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit

After the fall of the Soviet Union, a Beriev Be-12 was maintained by the Russian government in order to transport the rotating watch crews to the old Soviet research facility on Dragon Island.

The Beriev was used by Vasily Ivanov to fly his crew to Dragon when they were rostered to take over from Igor Kotsky's crew.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Shortly after the Beriev landed at Dragon, Ivanov's crew began disembarking while Ivanov himself and a lone Spetsnaz private began preparing to unload equipment. However, a hostile force suddenly cut down the men on the tarmac, and the surprised Ivanov started up the Beriev again and moved to take off. Having spotted a pair of Strela-1s taking aim at the plane, Ivanov made a distress call, but the Beriev had barely taken off before it's tail was hit. Heavily damaged, the Beriev proceeded to crash into the ice a few miles away to the north of Dragon.

Some time later, an American equipment-testing team who was nearby arrived at the crash site to search for survivors. Shane Schofield and Mother began extracting Ivanov and his companion from the Beriev when they suddenly came under attack from aircraft controlled by the Army of Thieves. When Schofield became trapped in the Beriev with Ivanov, he had them sit in the sideways-tilted pilot's seat before pulling the ejection lever, sending them flying into the water of the nearby lead.





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