Ben Patrick is a well known expert in crocodile vocalisations.


Early HistoryEdit

When Ben Patrick worked at the San Francisco Zoo, he attracted the attention of many of his female colleagues. He and CJ Cameron went out for dinner on one occasion, however she was disappointed because all Ben talked about was himself, and so they never went out again.

Some time later, Ben drew the attention of the Chinese, who brought him in on their secret discovery of dragons. Believing this would be the ultimate break in his career when the Chinese revealed them to the world in their special zoo, Ben worked closely to the ancient reptiles, gathering data on their vocalisation patterns, making a device that could translate their unique sounds into human language.

The Great Zoo of ChinaEdit

Ben was in the Birthing Centre when the Red-Bellied Blacks began going out of control, and saw that some of the VIPs, including CJ, were attempting to escape the dragons in their. He and Go-Go directed them into the hunting valley, where the survivors of the initial attack were gathering.




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