Barnaby Becker Jr is Jason's bully and nemesis, and the driver of the Devil's Chariot.


Early HistoryEdit

Barnaby Becker Jr was born as the son of a wealthy businessman, Barnaby Sr, in in Halls Creek, Australia. Over the course of his life growing up, Barnaby constantly mocked the Chaser brothers Jason and the Bug, both for being adopted and being poorer than him.

When he reached driving age, Barnaby took an interest in hover car racing, and his father gifted him with an expensive Lockheed-Martin ProRacer-5, the best production hover car money could buy, and came to call it the Devil's Chariot. Recruiting his friend Guido Moralez to be his navigator, Barnaby proceeded to participate in local races, quickly proving his skills as a racer.

At age 18, Barnaby managed to come in the top three of his local division, allowing him to enter the Indo-Pacific Regional Championships.

Hover Car RacerEdit




Skills Edit

  • Expert Driver / Pilot: As seems to be standard practice for anyone wishing to learn how to drive a hover car, Barnaby is capable of piloting the aviation-type hover car. Barnaby is a talented driver, easily capable of performing aerial feats and maneuvers that in the present day are only known to pilots of fighter jets.

Equipment Edit

Vehicles Edit

  • Devil's Chariot: Barnaby's personal hover car, a highly expensive and efficient Lockheed-Martin ProRacer-5.

Other Equipment Edit

  • Team Becker Racing Uniform: To Be Added.
  • Pit Tarantula: To Be Added.



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