Arlin F. Brookes is an U.S Army Ranger who once operated for the Intelligence Convergence Group.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Arlin Brookes joined the United States Army, where he eventually became a part of the Army Rangers.

At some point, he was recruited into the Intelligence Convergence Group, a secretive intelligence-hoarding branch of the government. Acting as a sleeper agent for the ICG, Brookes and his platoon would provide field support by surrounding a target area and holding their positions until any targets of the ICG were eliminated.

In March 1997, Brookes and his platoon worked with a Marine recon unit to form a perimeter around a Peruvian temple, inside which the Marine Andrew Trent and his team were apparently engaged in battle, though in fact Brookes' orders were to make sure none of Trent's men escaped from the Navy SEAL unit sent to eliminate them for the ICG. The leader of the Marines helping form their perimeter, Lieutenant Schofield, eventually attempted to lead his unit inside, but was halted by Brookes. Brookes informed Schofield that he would eliminate anyone who tried to enter the temple, and held no reservations about killing a few Marines to do so. Schofield, after demanding to know Brookes' name, reluctantly backed down, and after ten days the situation was declared over.

Ice StationEdit

When an apparent alien spacecraft had been discovered in the Antarctic, Brookes and his platoon were once again sent in to provide a perimeter around Wilkes Research Station, along with Romeo's team of Marines. When Romeo questioned Brookes on their orders, the Army Ranger Captain gave the same threat to him as he had Schofield, mirroring the events in Peru. 

After the ICG's SEAL unit entered the station, a nuclear missile from a rogue British fighter headed towards Wilkes, forcing Brookes to order his men to retreat to a safe distance.

With the exposure of the ICG a few days later, Brookes was likely arrested for espionage along with other members of the ICG.

Skills Edit

  • Expert Combatant: As a trained soldier in the United States Army Rangers, Brookes has been trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat.
  • Expert Marksman: Being a trained soldier, Brookes is an accurate marksman and capable of using a variety of different firearms.
  • Skilled Infiltrator: To Be Added.

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

To Be Added...


  • Brookes is the only ICG operative in Ice Station whose fate is never revealed.
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