The Argonaut is a hover car belonging to Jason Chaser and his team.


Early HistoryEdit

The hover car known as the Argonaut was originally built from scratch by Jason Chaser after he found the external shell of an old Ferrari Pro F1 racer (similar to present-day Formula-1 racers). Over the next few years, Jason was able to repair it with a hodge-podge of used and low-quality parts, enough for it to be operational and capable of racing.

Together, Jason and his little brother the Bug became a racing team, however, lacking a proper mech chief, they were forced to do all of the repairs and pit stop maintenance for the Argonaut by themselves.

When Jason managed to come in the top three of his local division, he and the Argonaut were allowed to enter the Indo-Pacific Regional Championships.

Hover Car RacerEdit



Hover / Flight CapabilitiesEdit


The Argonaut in danger of crashing

Like any hover car, the Argonaut is equipped with a set of six magneto drives in order to perform vertical take-off and landing feats, as well as fly.


As with all racing-class hover cars, the Argonaut is capable of reaching speeds that the average land-based car could not, easily up to a few hundred km/h and near to Mach 1. While the Argonaut is not built to the standards of all other race vehicles, it's natural sleek shape gives the Argonaut aerodynamic capabilities that can match other cars.

Reinforced CockpitEdit

Due to the extreme speeds race cars fly at, the Argonaut possess a heavily reinforced cockpit that can withstand a lot of damage should the car crash. Of course, this is not full-proof, nor intended to be a primary safety measure, as the cockpit also contains ejection seats for the driver and navigator too use, and so the reinforced cockpit is a back-up precaution should they fail to eject in time.


  • The Argonaut's name, in conjunction with Jason's first name, is a reference to the ancient Greek legend, Jason and the Argonauts.
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