Alison Cameron is a journalist for the Washington Post.


Early HistoryEdit

Alison was a journalist working for the Washington Post when she was assigned to work with the recently-hired Pete Cameron. Within a week of his arrival, Alison and Pete began dating due to the intense chemistry between them. After twelve months, they got married.

Ice StationEdit

After Pete was sent to New Mexico to speak with a SETI technician who had intercepted a portion of a encrypted message, he called Alison to let him know what he had picked up. Alison decided she'd look into the intercept, and Pete, decided that so long as he was in the state to check in on a local gunsmith who had claimed to have information on a government conspiracy.

Alison began looking over Pete's notes, and realised that a portion of it was a set of co-ordinates, which she found was for a section of coastline in Antarctica. She proceeded to research the co-ordinates, and found a list of books and research papers involving the location, taking particular interest in a 20-year-old preliminary survey.

Alison proceeded to the Library of Congress to check out the survey, however was informed it was missing. When the attendant showed her the name of the person who had last borrowed it, Alison was surprised that it was a long missing former Joint Chiefs of Staff committe member, Otto NiemeyerAlison proceeded to check on Niemeyer's history, and researched the co-ordinates from the other books on the list, discovering it was the location for an American research station known as Wilkes

She was soon contacted by her husband, and she told him what she had found, and conveyed her suspicions that Niemeyer had been involved in the construction of an ince station, which she figured had been unknowingly built over by Wilkes years later after Niemeyer's disapearance. Pete in turn told her what he had learned from Andrew Trent regarding a genuine government conspiracy. Meanwhile Trent looked over the SETI notes, and realised that it was an ICG order to kill a fellow Marine of his known as Scarecrow due to him discovering something at Wilkes. In order to help warn Scarecrow of the impending danger, Alison emailed her findings to Pete who along with Trent emailed it on to Wilkes.

A couple of days later, after seeing a report of the USS Wasp returning to Pearl Harbour from Antarctica with missile damage, both the Camerons and Trent hurried to get to Pearl, hoping that Schofield or someone else from his team might be on-board. Soon after arriving, Trent helped prevent Kozlowski from taking out Schofield and two other survivors. Afterwards, Trent introduced Schofield to the Camerons, who proceeded to interview the pair and write an article that exposed the ICG.