An Advanced Force Delivery Vehicle is a prototype boats intended to transport troops quickly and silently via waterways.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit

After DARPA finished construction of two prototype Advanced Force Delivery Vehicles, they sent them to be tested in cold-weather conditions by an joint U.S. Marine-civilian contract team that were being sent into the Arctic.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

When the U.S. Government learned that a militia force calling itself the Army of Thieves had taken over an old Soviet facility on Dragon Island and were preparing to utilise an weapon that could ignite the atmosphere, they began looking for nearby assets to shut them down. When Shane Schofield and his team were contacted, they immediately prepared to utilise the two ADFVs they had to take them through the ice leads towards Dragon.

The testing team first went to check on the condition of a crashed plane and its occupant who had sent out the initial distress call. The majority of the team remained with the AFDVs while Schofield and Mother checked on Ivanov, however the group soon came under attack from enemy aircraft controlled by the Army of Thieves. Once Schofield, Mother and Ivanov had returned, they prepared to move out, but not before they brought a trio of French troopers who had gotten caught in the firefight onboard the boats.

Mario and Mother piloted the two AFDVs towards Dragon Island, even as they attempted to avoid gunfire from the remaining Cobra, while Ivanov instructed Schofield use the crafts' submersible modes to access a sunken loading dock on one of the nearby islets. Once they had removed their assailing Cobra, the AFDVs followed Ivanov's instruction and dove beneath the water, and once they were inside the dock entrance they surfaced inside the Bear Islet laboratory.

The two AFDVs were likely destroyed later in the day when a Russian nuke hit Dragon Island.


The Advanced Force Delivery Vehicle are similar to the common Zodiak boat, albeit being designed to transport American troops through the water as quickly and quietly as possible. AFDVS have two intended modes of traversing waterways; by using inflatable rims it can travel on the water's surface like a boat, and it can conversely deflate these rims and operate underwater like an open-topped submersibles. Each one possesses a compressed air tank with eight scuba regulators for occupants to use when in submersible mode.



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